Hi, I’m Geni, a digital marketer, designer and strategy consultant.

I work with clients and businesses of all shapes and sizes and in a variety of locations, including Australia, U.S & NZ.

My strengths lie in content creation including but not limited to; graphic design, web design, social media, copywriting, blog articles, photography and video. I also audit and build digital strategies, brands, campaigns to grow businesses and produce more revenue.

I’m available for contract work (sometimes remote) and with both short and long-term projects.

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With over 10 years of Digital Marketing experience, I am able to audit and create marketing strategies to suit all budgets and all brand sizes.

Digital Marketing

Regular weekly posting and advertising

Web Designs are generally built upon a WordPress platform via a template that is then tweaked to suit your needs.

Basic 1 – Page Website

Multi-Page Website

Advanced Bespoke Website

Website audit

Marketing Audit

Marketing Strategy Plan

I prefer ‘live action’ video production but have also dabbled in low-fi animation as well.

Video work

As a content creator, my strengths lie in my ability to create content of a high-quality across many mediums. I began my career as a Graphic Designer and use it every day as a Digital Marketer. It’s especially useful in managing websites and creating social media posts.

Graphic Design

I prefer portrait/event and product photography, can do all of my own post-processing of images and have even done a wedding or two.


My writing skills have had me published many times online and in physical publications including The Press, Stuff.co.nz, Family Times Magazine and more. I have also produced numerous blog posts for Kiwihost, Family Times Magazine, Science Alive, Ethique and InsuredHQ on a myriad of topics.

Blog posts, copywriting etc.

Regular writing/blog posts


Good, clear communication is key to a successful project and I like to make sure that each and every project gets the best results possible.


First I meet with you (either via Skype or in-person) to find out what you want and answer any of your questions. This is by far the most important step and gets us on the same page with creatives and budgets.

We come up with a draft plan on what you would like me to concentrate on and the overall budget/time constraints.


I will do an audit of the platforms you already have, and write a plan based on where you are at now.

My plan will consist of all creative campaigns, overall strategies and improvements I see in my research.


After having another meeting to go through my proposal we will sign a contract to settle on what I will move forward with, how much it will cost and any other niggly bits.

I will then work to produce said plan, touching base with you regularly and getting approval on elements before they are published.


I will make any tweaks that need to be made and request payment.

Once payment has been made, all elements will be sent or go ‘live’.


I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and for some truly wonderful people/clients – here is what they have to say about me and my work.


Geni is a person you really want on your team. She is enthusiastic, motivated, full of great ideas, gets on well with people and really takes on board the task of learning new product areas. She did a wonderful job of improving our marketing performance and social media presence. Geni has made an amazing difference to InsuredHQ's marketing. She came into a field that she knew nothing about, worked hard to get a good understanding, then really took charge! All our results have improved, our website has been upgraded, and everything looks so much more professional. As well, Geni is very popular with our team. She is easy to work and has a good way of communicating feedback and opinions. Highly recommended!

Pauline Davies, CEO - InsuredHQ.


I had the pleasure of working with Geni for several years at Science Alive, we collaborated on many ideas and projects together. I was impressed by Geni’s ability to effortlessly work with and alongside others. Thanks to her interpersonal skills she built good relations with both clients and potential customers. In the time I worked with Geni she was able to learn many tasks that extended far beyond the scope of her specified role; using her creativity to deal with projects that may have been outside of her direct area of expertise. She had the vision to see the benefits in projects and the passion to turn them into a successful venture. Geni is motivated and forward thinking with lots of knowledge in her specific field of marketing.

Anna Baker, Community Manager - Science Alive.


What I admire about Geni is how important it is to her that she works for an organization where she feels she can make a difference. Geni was an extremely supportive co-worker. Geni has an incredible passion for science and is enthusiastic about sharing this passion with others. Though not trained as a scientist herself, she worked very hard to research, develop and organise different interactive science classes for the children. Communicating science to a general audience is not an easy task. However, Geni managed to do this effectively for a range of scientific topics, demonstrating her excellent communication skills. Working for a charity which suffered significantly in the Christchurch earthquakes, Geni was often required to be creative and resourceful when developing class activities. The fact that she had the same children regularly attending her classes is a testament to her hard work and contagious love of science.

Rachel van Heugten, PHD Biological Sciences.


Geni has been working with me to promote fleaBITE, my kids' music venture, since 2012. She works on an occasional basis for specific projects eg designing our website (www.fleabite.co.nz), making graphic based music videos ( 'Liver Lover' was a finalist in the NZ Children's Music Awards 2017), and running marketing and promo campaigns. Geni has a very creative mind and is completely internet savvy. Basically, she knows everything that I don't and has been a tremendous support. She is also very friendly and has a great sense of humour.

Robin Nathan, Producer - fleaBITE.


Creating effective marketing and communication documentation for InsuredHQ in the #insuretech space is challenging. InsuredHQ is a complex solution so to communicate it correctly to the target market is no easy feat. Not only did Geni manage this process well, but she also created a wide range of copy, infographics, assisted with the tutorial videos and created the online market strategy which has seen our company grow. I would highly recommend Geni to any company big or small. She is a highly intelligent, self-driven woman that would be an asset to any company at any stage.

Ben Goudie-Park, Systems Architect - InsuredHQ.


Geni is a truly creative designer and marketer who makes branding and marketing really fun and cool. I have worked with Geni with multiple projects and she is always fast, accurate, and effective. Geni is super tech-savvy, helpful and very easy to work with. I miss working with her and her productions, especially all the cool movies she has created to promote science education.

Aya Bartneck, Exhibition Designer - Science Alive.



I’m available via Skype (chepas05) or Email.